2019 Year of opportunities and risks for customers

GELDPILOT24 with successful eStore concept


Last week we received the feedback of a new GELDPILOT24 customer "how easy and fast it is to become a digital customer with you". There is a lot of movement in the possibilities for customers. Many new insurance companies are emerging, more and more startups with quickly clickable ideas. At present more than a dozen new insurance companies are to be announced for permission. Even more insurance companies and banks, more investment start-ups with robo ideas. This brings opportunities for customers, but also risks. The digital vision of a land of milk and honey where you just send a photo of your BU application and the insurer pays the agreed pension in real time is a marketing illusion. In the year 2019, too, an insurance company or its representative will tend to be in the camp of its respective company. Any major insurance loss in 2019 will also reduce the profits of insurance companies, investors and shareholders.


GELDPILOT24 has many young customers and other age categories. We also recommend to choose insurance companies in 2019 which have a large number of insured persons. Cover for occupational disability, health insurance, death or long-term care is provided over many decades. The certainty that a successful insurer with large collectives will reliably support a customer over the entire term is higher. Customers are exposed to the risks of their state of health and increased entry age in the event of a later change. Therefore, in 2019, check whether the insurance is perhaps too young and too small, or if it is runoff-endangered even for large companies.

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