Insuring correctly at the start of your career

Insurance as an underestimated must for starting a career


School's over. You can calculate quasi flight curves to Mars but have no plan to finance+insurance. Your need for action on legally prescribed and necessary insurances + financial matters is very great. First of all you have to make the most important decision. How do you want to manage your finances + insurances?  You have to decide smart if you want to become a customer of a tied representative of an insurance company or if you have a Finanz+Versicherungsmakler who is legally regulated on your side and trades with every insurance company on the market for you. We ourselves appreciate representatives very much, because many of our GELDPILOT24 partners were once representatives themselves, but at some point they realized that they could not achieve the optimum for their customers with only one company. For example, the price and performance differences in insurance are up to 400 percent in each sector. In the case of insurances with information about your health situation, an insurance broker can anonymously ask dozens of companies about your situation. Only in 2018 did around 13% of all registered insurance agents cease their activities completely. 

Once you have made your decision, there is a simple solution for you. You take your smartphone and board online at a GELDPILOT24-Store of your choice. It takes about three minutes and you are a customer of an insurance broker without any additional costs. We digitally determine your needs without annoying conversations and secure you in necessary contracts. We are even there for you personally, at least via Videocall or GELDPILOT24-Messenger. 

Finally a short listing of the obligation, necessary and meaningful contracts:


  • Health insurance statutory and/or private
  • motor vehicle liability
  • Professional liability for public servants and civil servants


Absolutely necessary: 


  • private liability insurance
  • Occupational disability insurance / invalidity
  • Fully comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for a car as good as new
  • private care provision that is effective at any age
  • Private pensions
  • Daily sickness benefit if you're sick longer  
  • Animal liability if you have animals like a dog
  • foreign travel health insurance
  • Fund custody account for asset accumulation and capital-forming benefits



  • Legal protection
  • accident insurance
  • household contents insurance
  • bicycle insurance
  • Company pension scheme
  • term life insurance 
  • Economy concept for home ownership

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