GELDPILOT24 can be used digitally and personally



Branches should become obsolete in the future, according to some startups, they are not sexy enough. Many things will become digital. We believe that with simple standardized things such as transfer, pay-in and pay-out, this is a thesis where we go along. 

But when it comes to demand situations at Finanzen+Versicherungen the dual mix of digital and GELDPILOT24-Store is the right way.  Apple stores are today not to be excluded any more, although Apple could digitize away the coworkers of the stores cost-saving. Car dealerships should not exist for many years.  But people want to communicate, they want to exchange solutions and strategies. If you buy something wrong at Amazon, it rarely or never threatens your existence. With wrong security, pension provision or a financing it can destroy the own economic existence. Often one notices the mistake in the application only with the not regulated damage.

Our many young new customers want the dual mix, because like us they also do not believe in the fact that in the case of damage e.g. many hundred thousand euro are paid simply in such a way.  The new "Premium" will be "personal". We see our way as the optimal way for modern customers, the mix of digital and personal. GELDPILOT24 customers who only want digital support can go this way as well as customers who need a conversation in the store. The fact that we as Finanz+Versicherungsmakler stand on the customer side and cover hundreds of companies with insurances, banks and fund deposit banks is already a minimum condition around customers optimally to support.


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