GELDPILOT24 starts with Youtuber

Creative-Youtuber #Plug head creative with Startup


For several months now, we have been actively starting digital cooperation with associations, projects, companies and influencers, which will help us to inspire even more customers and partners with the GELDPILOT24 idea. Similar to the successful, our new digital implementation offers active, inspiring creators the opportunity to generate income, e.g. in their clubs, without customers having to pay any additional costs. GELDPILOT24 wants to concentrate on specific topics and is launching its own eStores for each of these topics, people, companies, associations and industries. For example, sports, the aviation industry, tech scene, eSports, startups, Internet platforms, banks, home financing, private households, companies, artists, tattooists and much more.

Now it's time again: we are delighted to welcome the creative youtuber #Stop head as an inspiring influencer partner at GELDPILOT24 with its own exclusive plug head-GELDPILOT24-eStore. Like our world runner Robby Clemens, Stöpselkopf was already a customer of GELDPILOT24. We know that there is a huge need among creative people in the hobby and craft sector to use the new digital and personal opportunities in the financial+insurance sector.


Stöpselkopf, together with Christian Petrick from GELDPILOT24, has managed to make the topic of finance+insurance as interesting for creative people as it actually is. In his YouTube channel #DerStöpselkopf he has creatively created a cool GELDPILOT24 logo for this purpose. Then a few days ago there was a first TV interview showing the cooperation between Stöpselkopf and GELDPILOT24 to individual fans in the creative sector and discussing the advantages for new customers about Stöpselkopf.


The first reactions after the GELDPILOT24 initial interview by the Youtube plug head fans: "Super informative" , " are the first Youtuber to draw attention to this topic...keep up the good work...". " managed to get people thinking about it...", " really have to do the math to see if everyone is covered...", " since the video is aimed at the DIY community,...really cool and really interesting..."


Apart from the idea with above-mentioned topics it is crucial that we make digital eStores available to our partners and networks those it new inspiring prospective customers on-line immediately make themselves possible with GELDPILOT24 onzuboarden and thus also their own free account fast to receive. Thus we succeed in digitizing the topic further recommendation, networks, tipster in the financial+insurance range as far as possible.

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