HAUS LEBEN starts project with GELDPILOT24

Support the end of your paper mountains plus your club/project


All your finances+insurances of all companies in one digital account? The end of the mountains of paper and still personal contact persons in your store if necessary? Works everywhere, worldwide 24/7, among others tested by Worldrunner Robby Clemens. In addition we support your club or your project in the context of a sponsoring.


Through entrepreneur Volker Große from HAUS LEBEN our co-founder Marcus Jungnickel from the GELDPILOT24-Store in Markkleeberg became aware of the association HAUS LEBEN. This association supports cancer patients and their relatives. It concerns all interests which are beneficial to the patient. Also prevention and precaution are a topic. The GELDPILOT24-Store in Markkleeberg has decided to support this store. How exactly can you find out in an interview with Volker Große and Marcus Jungnickel.

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