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How you do it right as a career starter, student



Some time ago we received a call from a man about 20 years old. He wanted to inform himself urgently about accident insurance and occupational disability cover. OK, we gave him a quick appointment. When the potential customer appeared at the appointment in wide sweatpants and hobbling in hiding, it was clear to us that someone had underestimated the importance of security and saved in the wrong place. Unfortunately, we had to explain to him that retroactive insurance cover is almost impossible.


How do you do it right as a career starter, university entrant or even high school graduate? First of all, inform yourself with or without parents at a good, modern and thus sustainable financial+insurance broker of your choice. Make even better decisions. We can guarantee you that it is better if brokers or insurance brokers are involved, because in the event of disagreements between you and the insurance company, people always talk to people from significant sums insured. We don't think you need to know all the necessary types of insurance, a professional should do that for you. He checks your status, your life goals and puts together an affordable concept for you. That a liability belongs to it you can already see from the word "obligation". But also the protection if your work force and thus your income, because of accident or much more often because of illness, is void for you existential important.


That you as a career starter have full GELDPILOT24 online access to all your contracts. Up-to-date, 24/7 worldwide is available for you, so we believe, the optimal start into your finances. By the way, there are no additional costs for you compared to an online comparator portal, where you do all the work yourself.


By the way, some people say insurance is not sexy. Do you ask our customers we saved their lives with over 2.000 Euro monthly pension, or our insured customers with serious car accidents or our business customers after large damages.....................? For these customers, insurance is very, very cool, at the latest at the time of transfer.


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