How to meet WORLDRUNNER Robby Clemens

Robby Clemens at the GELD 2019 in Leipzig


After 23.000 kilometres the extreme sportsman, GELDPILOT24 chief tester, WORLDRUNNER, North Pole/South Pole runner, "the German Forrest Gump" Robby Clemens successfully returned to Leipzig. Like many of our customers, Robby first became an online customer and now GELDPILOT24 has met him for the first time. And what should we say. What a guy. Authentic, likeable and full of countless adventures. 


If you are interested we invite you to meet Robby Clemens live 19:00 on May 15th, 2019 in Leipzig. What do you have to do? Show a little willingness to donate for the association Haus Leben or other of our projects. That could be 10 €, you decide. The capacity is very limited. We have reserved ten such places for it and decide without legal claim. Write us now.

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