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Customer + start-up entrepreneur enthusiastic



The founding site of the platform GELDPILOT24-SIMPLIFY-your-Finances is located in Silicon Valley. What customers in the financial+insurance sector want and what they don't want was our founding idea.


How do we convince new customers of our platform GELDPILOT24? Among other things, we conduct video interviews with the users of our platform. Uncut, real asked for you today an interview with a customer.  Gregor Schiller is founder and owner of the successful eCommerce platform DRESSUITS


As the makers of the platform GELDPILOT24, we sometimes sink into the everyday life of the foundation and are always positively flashed as our customers enthusiastic about our idea and the daily use by customers. Often customers have a variety of apps, agents, agents, accounts and breathe a sigh of relief, now on one platform, one access, one contact person for all contracts to be able to concentrate.


The interview with Gregor is worthwhile because he belongs to the new, courageous but quite demanding generation of start-up entrepreneurs.


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