Is your insurance affected too?

What does outsourcing your life insurance mean?


We recommend to act. To check exactly which of your contracts is affected or may be in the future. Several million contracts are affected. According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Generali Lebensversicherung Deutschland will send over 4 million policies to the runoff. According to SZ, an English RunOff platform. Such platforms also have an appropriate name in England: ZOMBIE-Insurance.  This is often due to the fact that the companies manage higher-interest portfolios. These guarantees to customers weigh on the accounts of the companies and reduce profits. The FAZ has written a very good article with various options for action. Our GELDPILOT24 partners and stores can help you.


One thing is for sure: how future-proof are insurers who have to outsource their portfolios?  The Weinmann Report 2017 provides good indications: Professor Weinmann has examined the 12 largest life insurers in Germany and has ranked the affected insurers last in the overall ranking for years.

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