Children are liable for their parents

Why, why, why? GELDPILOT24 answers you


Family is defined as a group of people living together. In Germany at least two decades of living together are normal. At some point your parents get older or sick and the children take on the role of the person in charge. Who wants to be a burden to their children? Who doesn't care at what age wants to apply for social assistance for nursing care?  This does not only apply to the age but can be due to illness or accident already decades before. Here you will find out at the latest that you will be held responsible for your parents, children and also for your siblings. This often involves considerable costs. Depending on the situation, it can be up to many thousands of euros a month. Nationwide, the trend for co-payments in senior citizens' residences is currently 2,000 € per month and more.

What can the solution look like? Get good daily care allowance coverage as early as possible. With a professional. This is all about health issues, determining needs and the most comprehensive insurance conditions. So you have to make sure that payments are made from an early level of care. Simplified health issues are important. If possible, it has been agreed that the daily care allowance is paid directly to the person to be cared for. We strongly recommend that you take out the plan as soon as possible for children. Everyone in Germany must have a good daily nursing allowance insurance. This applies to future parents as well as children and adolescents. Because apart from the parents, you are of course also financially responsible for your children. If you have good private daily care allowance insurance yourself and one of your children is born sick, you can still insure your child without health issues within the first weeks of his or her life at good rates. This means that your child will have at least less financial worries from birth. At 2.000 € per month over for example eighty years a risk of million sums comes together here for you. The solution is to arrange care insurance for you, your children and your parents with an independent professional as early as possible. Write to us, call us and we will take care of you.

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