Modern customers want digital and personal

86 percent of Generation Y would also like a personal contact person


Do you know the situation?  Digitisation is praised as a major step forward for consumers. Some believe lawyers, tax consultants, financial+insurance experts and most doctors will no longer be needed in the future. However, clicking Financial+Insurance services incorrectly could destroy your existence. The customer must realize that he needs a partner with a maximum number of companies. What is the German reality? Most customers are still served by single company agents. Representatives have few opportunities as they often operate within a single company. Once again we received a lot of praise from our customers. In addition, a letter from his disability pension insurance company confirming that the monthly BU pension has been extended. Previously, the insurance company had sent the customer a questionnaire with a dozen pages for verification. We are not sure how such checks will turn out if the customer does it alone.


What does the customer want?  He wants it simple, his entire documents up to date online, simply clearly arranged no matter which company. But he doesn't just want it digital. He wants a nonchanging, personal, independent contact person. And he doesn't want to do anything wrong. He doesn't want to lose his existence. Be properly insured for the really important things.

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