Correct finance or insurance company

Why large societies are sometimes better


Customers often decide to have their financial+insurance contracts checked when accidents or illnesses occur in the vicinity of friends or acquaintances. These customers have then already experienced in the environment and sometimes also in the closer family circle how incompletely national in addition, private insurances can be.

With GELDPILOT24 these customers request a check of their total situation. We examine the past contracts or determine missing insurance protection on the basis the existing situation and the goals of our customers. Perfect is that we have a large number of companies at our side which we can then recommend and mediate. The spectrum ranges from A for ALLIANZ to Z for ZURICH.

There are currently a large number of new insurance companies that have received their approval in Germany. More than twelve more companies are expected to wait for their approval in Germany. Other insurance companies have obtained their approvals in other EU countries.

GELDPILOT24 checks which company in which sector is the right one for the customer. In addition to experience, trade press and congresses, we also use the platform of Morgen & Morgen GmbH. It is almost always the case that large established companies with a large number of customers are better in the long term. Insurance companies with millions of contracts, for example in occupational disability insurance, can shoulder larger cases of claims more easily than small companies. Another criterion, of course, is the cost of the benefits and how the companies handle their customers' money. Companies that calculate huge administrative costs in order to overburden overpriced distributors with incentives or luxurious TV advertising campaigns do not need to be recommended from our point of view.
How does the GELDPILOT24 customer now get to the right company and its concept? Relatively simply, GELDPILOT24 created as an insurance broker in Leipzig has technologies and country wide networks of experts around the correct concept for our customers to find.

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