Thomas Jahn - biometric risk protection


Thomas has been a professional in the industry for over 12 years. He supports the backend area in the store Markkleeberg and can also be found in the Airport-Store-Leipzig or in his native Thuringia. Thomas has all licenses and qualifications in the area of §34d-1, §34 f-1, §34c and the new §34i. In research, his specialties are biometric coverage such as dread disease, occupational disability, long-term care insurance, death coverage and longevity risk.  The customers and partners of our platform GELDPILOT24 profit exclusively from the results of his market comparisons of various insurance companies.


Thomas learned the profession of the Finanz+Versicherungskaufmann with an international insurance broker in the range real estate, - Event and sport insurance. "SIMPLIFY-your-Finances" stands for it in the first place. Apart from GELDPILOT24 Thomas moves in the (inter)national rock music. Thomas is particularly experienced nationwide in insuring tattoo artists and their companies, in cooperation with GELDPILOT24 and our trade professionals.


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