What does customer support at GELDPILOT24 mean?

Customers want solutions and not nice call centers



What applies to good tax advisors, doctors, notaries, lawyers, that also applies to your Finanz+Versicherungsmakler of GELDPILOT24. not always he is personally attainable, because times he has appointments, qualifies himself further or charges his batteries for you on vacation with his family. 


We have created a model for you that allows you to quickly solve things that you used to have to laboriously ask about. As a GELDPILOT24 customer, you can view, download and print all your contracts, policies, current mail from your various insurance companies and banks in your GELDPILOT24 account at any time. Also send information, damage photos, contract offers, changes everything no problem. We are your contact for hundreds of companies. Easy, SIMPLIFY, socially.......at no extra cost compared to classic models.


There are already startups today that believe that doctors, lawyers and tax consultants are no longer needed. You only need one app. Exciting, because many of our young customers already want the mix of digital and personal. Somehow it is clear to them that with losses of thousands to millions of euros, the insurance is not necessarily on the customer side. Customers appreciate personal contact persons at the latest in such cases. Personally, 2018 is also video date and online chat. 


In the future, a nationwide support team will help you if your personal store is not available. For your security, the support team identifies you by sending you a password via SMS. And then it helps you right away. If there is an important need, our team will come to your location nationwide.  What goes online, we will do online or recommend one of our GELDPILOT24 stores.


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