Top athlete Steffen Sparborth at GELDPILOT24

GELDPILOT24 at the start in Berlin and Eilenburg


During our GELDPILOT24-ThinkTank in Italy Thomas met for you with the ex-sports professional Steffen Sparborth. Steffen is the Head of Region Berlin-Mitte and also CDO for the region around the future Store Eilenburg.  

Questions Thomas asked Steffen: What drives you? How did the change from top athlete to Finanz+Versicherungsmakler come about? How do you deal with crises? A worthwhile interview in every respect. 

In addition to his successful career in boxing, Steffen Sparborth was also a sales representative for generali products. The switch to Finanz+Versicherungsmakler was the first step towards more solutions for his customers.  Are you interested in supporting us in Berlin or Eilenburg in setting up new stores? Just write to us.

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