Anne Saupe starts with GELDPILOT24-Chemnitz

Successful women power in another region


Chemnitz, industrial city and metropolitan region for almost 200 years, is also associated with the beautiful landscapes surrounding this city. Famous personalities like Georgius Agricola, Katarina Witt, Michael Ballack, Matthias Schweighöfer or Stefan Heym and many more stand for the colorfulness of the city of Chemnitz.


And now GELDPILOT24 starts together with Anne Saupe as CDO for the region Chemnitz. From Hainichen Anne coordinates the inquiries of new customers and vocational partners.


Anne Saupe studied business administration with a focus on finance directly after her high school graduation and successfully completed her Bachelor's degree. She worked successfully as a sales representative at Deutsche Vermögensberatung until 2019. In 2019 Anne applied for a job at GELDPILOT24 and further qualified in the area of insurance brokerage, financial investments. Since August she has all the essential licenses as a financial+insurance broker, also in the area of real estate loans.


Anne Saupe is further proof that highly qualified female power, family and professional success work well. Despite hundreds of insurance companies, banks and investment companies, modern GELDPILOT24 technologies enable Anne to achieve professional success without having to give up her family.


Anne is married and mother of two children. Her customer target group are young people and families with concept wishes regarding security, property and yield. She gives new professional partners the chance to fully exploit their talent together with contemporary innovations.

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