Black Friday chance with GELDPILOT24

Up to 150 € "dust off" now


We have thought about it for a long time. Does GELDPILOT24 join the big Black Friday race? The most important thing is to have a cool product or service. What good is the best offer if you don't need it? But GELDPILOT24 is cool and you need it.


The decision is made. On the so-called Black Friday, you get a really cool offer from us. Up to 150 € you can get, in addition to the many already free GELDPILOT24 services, as part of our action. On the action day the 26.11.2021 from 8:00 in the morning to 24:00 in the evening this works. To take advantage of our offer, all you need is the promo code: BFTG2021.  You can access our offer by going to and clicking on "go". Then easy onboarden and per contract, which you administer in the future via GELDPILOT24 digitally, 15€ cash. Up to 10 contracts from the area of fund deposits and insurances are possible. You only have to know which company the contracts are with. We do the rest.


Many tens of thousands of contracts are already managed nationwide by our GELDPILOT24 customers in their free accounts. In addition, there is our online-based but personal support to the respective situation. Please note that our special promotion only runs as long as stocks last. Please note the conditions of our Black Friday promotion. With the conditions we, as a young startup want to protect ourselves a little from abuse of the action. If you have any questions, please write or call us.


You can also do without the Amazon vouchers or a part of it. Why? We will then donate the money or the Amazon vouchers to an association or project of your choice. If there is nothing for you, suggest a project.

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