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Digital, online in case of damage everything easy or what?

Interview with GELDPILOT24 Co-Founder and lawyer David Bastanier


One of our GELDPILOT24-CoFounder is lawyer David Bastanier. With David and his colleague Johannes Schmelzer we also have the topic of claims on our screens. Why in the event of occupational disability not everything goes easy digitally? Why should GELDPILOT 24 - Store Partners always call in specialist lawyers in BU cases? Why a conflict of interest arises and why digital insurance companies or representatives are always in the insurance company's warehouse.


An exciting interview which also shows that digital, chic and fast is sometimes only a good solution for the customer. Because at the latest in the case of damage e.g. with BU the GELDPILOT24 customer appreciates to have also direct partners.  Then it is about nothing less than the economic existence of the customer. And e.g. with occupational disability insurances it is not seldom about amounts over one million Euro. And there no BOT decides that with the insurance. But "in the sense of the insured community" one will look intensively whether one is obligated to pay. As an insurance company, a representative is also obliged to pay to the owners and shareholders.

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