EC Bad Nauheim starts with GELDPILOT24

Startup and DEL2 ice hockey


Ice hockey is a fast-paced sport where passion, commitment and team spirit are important. The Red Devils of EC Bad Nauheim embody these qualities with a tradition that now spans 75 years. In the season starting today, the players of the 1st team wear the logo of GELDPILOT24 on the chest of the home jersey.


The ice hockey of the EC Bad Nauheim respectively the Red Devils play their games in the Colonel-Knight-Stadium, which was built in 1945. There GELDPILOT24 is also represented with appropriate marketing directly at the ice surface. The sponsorship is managed by GELDPILOT Bad Nauheim, which also coordinates the new stores in Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia.  


Besides passion and commitment, GELDPILOT24 shares another characteristic with EC Bad Nauheim. It is important for both to give something back to society. GELDPILOT24, together with regional store partners, therefore supports as a sponsor a variety of different, inspiring projects in Germany, from eSports clubs, football clubs, cancer prevention, family associations to sports clubs in rural areas.

As part of the modern partnership with EC Bad Nauheim, a dedicated fan portal was created. With every contract that new customers manage on the digital platform (no new contracts necessary!), GELDPILOT24 supports a favorite project of the Red Devils of their choice at no additional cost:


  •     the Red Angels, the charity project of the EC
  •     the new generation association of the red devils bath Nauheim
  •     or the vicious circle


GELDPILOT24 offers a digital platform that allows customers to manage all their finance+insurance contracts online - worldwide and around the clock. Folders and mountains of paper become superfluous. Integrated digital tools such as BILLguard24, LIFEguard 24 Messenger or contract traffic light serve as support. By the contract traffic light one can recognize immediately with a view whether with the own contracts action need exists!


GELDPILOT24 is looking forward to the first season as a partner of the Red Devils Bad Nauheim. We cross all fingers for many goal-rich victories, rousing scenes, without injuries.

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