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By Torsten Guenther, CoFounder GELDILOT24


As Co-Founder of GELDPILOT24, I am often in question + answer mode with board members of insurance companies, banks, fund companies and players in the startup scene. Recurring is the question "Torsten, where is the finance+insurance industry going?" One thing is clear, no further as in the last decades. It will be quite difficult for representatives of individual insurance companies or banks. Millions of German consumers have become customers of comparison platforms or startups in recent years. This is the start of a change that can no longer be stopped. The Corona situation increases the willingness of consumers to use the new digital channels.  However, the majority of consumers still actually sort their mail into physical folders. That will end in the foreseeable future. In the past, people went to the nearest bank, insurance company or building society with questions. That is also changing more and more. Customers are getting information online and are also increasingly concluding contracts in this way.


However, it is also becoming apparent that private and corporate customers are more likely to lose track of things even more quickly than before. Why? The number of licensed insurance companies is growing strongly again. Especially through startups. In recent years, for example, there have probably never been as many new insurance companies as there are now. Countless apps are offering their online services and so it is becoming rather more confusing again. For customers, this is a huge opportunity to digitize their finance+insurance contracts and get suitable overall partners like GELDPILOT24. Digital new insurers are also not usually on the customer side.
How could they? Insurance companies, even new ones, benefit from collecting a lot of premiums and having to spend as little of it as possible.


Customers are in excellent hands with modern, fair finance+insurance brokers. These are in the customer's camp and can achieve much more through new revolutionary technologies. Customer portals, apps for it itself are already almost standard again and alone not sufficient. The need for support from people for people is more in demand than ever. We have therefore developed our technologies in such a way that we can integrate modern tools and apps into our platform on a modular basis and supplement this with personal support.


What do Amazon and GELDPILOT24 have in common? The Leipzig-based startup was inspired by Amazon SMILE and now sponsors dozens of clubs and projects across Germany. Naturally online-based and thus ready for high growth, highest profitability and combined with social responsibility. Customers don't have to sign up for anything new, and clubs receive special benefit packages for their members in addition to modern sponsorship.


Of course, all this works only through the online-based, self-developed store system of GELDPILOT24. We equip our partners, clubs, influencers with their own stores (eStores) which are each individually branded. They offer the very most important thing, namely a functioning store technology for finance+insurance entrepreneurs*. So partners can start with GELDPILOT24 immediately with dozens of own "stores". Of course also white label. This makes them equal to startups like CLARK or Check24 without spending huge sums. And thus fit for the future, because nothing stays the same. Nevertheless, we believe in the future of physical stores. We are currently responding to the strong shrinkage of bank branches and representative agencies nationwide by opening new stores under the brand label GELDPILOT24.

GELDPILOT24 offers a digital platform that allows customers to manage all their finance+insurance contracts online - worldwide and around the clock. Folders and mountains of paper become superfluous. Integrated digital tools such as BILLguard24, LIFEguard24, Messenger or Contract Traffic Light serve as support. With our digital GELDPILOT24 contract traffic light, you can see at a glance at any time whether there is a need for action with your own contracts. Since our customers are maximally relieved by our technologies and thus also GELDPILOT24, we share our success as digital sponsor of associations and projects, which inspire us and which we inspire likewise. With our eStores, we give clubs, projects, companies and influencers a revolutionary online interface to transform their enthusiasm into measurable results.


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