Formerly with DEBEKA, DVAG, WWK or Deutsche Bank

Why become a partner of GELDPILOT24 now?


Can you still remember it? Is not so long ago and one went as a customer* with financial + insurance matters to the nearest bank, building society or insurance. Or a representative* came to the customer's home.

At the latest, the Corona pandemic has totally changed that. The acceptance of modern technologies and startups has increased massively. Customers of all ages now accept video appointments, online portals, online signatures or online appointment calendars.

Applicants* report that it was difficult for them to convince their customers with only limited offers in video appointments. At the same time, customers can gain a large market overview via comparison portals. This is another reason why there has been a strong trend for years that the number of insurance agents* is decreasing and more and more bank branches are being closed.

Many clever finance + insurance experts* have recognized this and are changing. For example agencies of DEBEKA, WWK, Nürnberger, distributors but also bankers* and career changers*. They apply to GELDPILOT24 because they have access to technology and a network that makes a successful new start as a modern service provider possible.

From the first day on GELDPILOT24 equips the new partners* with up to ten own eStores and unique technology free of charge. These digital "branches" can be individually designed by the partners themselves according to their own ideas, target groups and partners such as associations, banks, distributors. For clever, diligent partners*, it will rarely be necessary to purchase leads or run expensive marketing campaigns in the future. GELDPILOT24 adapted as STARTUP the network strategies of AMAZON Smile or KLUBKASSE. GELDPILOT24 co-operates so on-line with a ever larger multiplicity of regional and country wide associations or projects.

Almost always switcher from distributors and agencies lose their customers with the change. Since the customer contracts of the commercial agents "belong" to the respective societies or distributors, one cannot care for its customers further or simply approach them.

With GELDPILOT24 it is however easy and with 80% less expenditure possible that a large number of the past customers follows the Umsteiger by itself. Existing customers, new customers are free of course. They may go naturally in the again furnished GELDPILOT24 eStore, if they find it on-line, also again on board their former representative.

Only briefly some further advantages for applicants/converts, which can be used in the GELDPILOT24 start package from the first day:

  • up to 10 freely designable and fully functional eStores
  • up to 10 corresponding self-designable websites including boarding system
  • for distributors, sales groups, banks in the basic starter package up to 1000 individual eStores
  • own contract portfolio
  • associated, unlimited GELDPILOT24 cloud storage for eStores, mail traffic, CRM
  • innovative GELDPILOT24 customer portals for each customer, family or corporate customer
  • GELDPILOT24 customer portals with messenger, online customer dialog, traffic light recommendations, to-do tool, damage reports, data changes by customers themselves,.....
  • GELDPILOT24 customer portal with LIFE-GUARD24, BILLGUARD24 with CRM connection
  • PAYPILOT for settlement of service fees, net policies, fees, fee's
  • GELDPILOT24 eBoarding technology, which reduces the effort for the service provider by 80%.
  • Access to PILOTwiki, PILOTnet, GELDPILOT24 expert network, Summits in Europe
  • Fully automated daily billing of sales groups, tipsters, trusted advisors, influencers, sub-partners
  • GELDPILOT24-CRM connected with the customer portal
  • GELDPILOT24-CRM with networked computers e.g. to MORGEN & MORGEN, SOFTFAIR, PSP, NAFI, Mr. Money, Versdiagnose, company computers, Starpool, Sobaco and other tech tools
  • Innovative GELDPILOT24 online new customer technology
  • Conversion of offline stocks to online stocks with GELDPILOT24 technology
  • Establishment of own teams, locations, distributors possible
  • GELDPILOT24 online eChecks for all imaginable requirements: e.g. analysis of customer situations, risk profiles, health issues, occupational analysis, existing contracts, etc.
  • Certified online signature tools integrated in CRM, PILOTnet, eCheck
  • Tools like Calendly, Provenexpert, Flixcheck are integrated
  • specialized GELDPILOT24 legal team for contracts, data protection, customer concerns
  • GELDPILOT24-Influencer + association network
  • GELDPILOT24 marketing team
  • GELDPILOT24 IT specialists, graphic designers, programmers,............