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Fund Manager Klaus Kaldemorgen in conversation with GELDPILOT24

Can Robos and ETFs replace successful fund managers?


In order to get an exclusive interview with the fund manager of the last decades, you have to have patience, success and expertise. GELDPILOT24 has made it; Torsten G√ľnther, our CSO, now had Klaus Kaldemorgen from DWS in conversation.

GELDPILOT24 customers do not only manage their insurances digitally and with the respective Storepartner. A unique selling point is that our customers can view their fund portfolios on a daily basis in addition to their loans and insurances. In the GELDPILOT24 basic concept, the DWS Concept Kaldemorgen is of lasting importance there. In an interview Klaus Kaldemorgen argues excellently for his multi-asset approach. Telecommunications, health but also bonds play a major role in the current situation.

The German star among the fund managers explains why the Kaldemorgen concept is in good hands, despite its fund assets of around 9 billion euros in the meantime! An interesting and transparent conversation for GELDPILOT24 with one of the best fund managers.

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