GELD2018 - Store partners and experts meet

Specialist meeting begins in the middle of Saxony Valley



Three days, three different places in Leipzig. GELD2018 serves our store partners, IT experts, banking, insurance and investment experts as a platform for development and exchange. For this purpose we meet in the Leipzig Startupinkubator No. 1, the base camp of the Madsack Group, in the international airport Leipzig-Halle and in Leipzig-Zentrum.


It will have an almost historical character in the history of GELDPILOT24. Our store partners now all receive their fully digital eBoarding tools according to their approvals. Fully personalised to the individual partners, we have succeeded in digitising everything from the start for our stores and their customers, from the customer's interest to the selection of existing companies, requests for information, broker contracts, powers of attorney, the delivery of existing contracts and the establishment of a GELDPILOT24 customer account.  The customer has daily access to all his daily updated contracts including current documents from the set-up of his individual household or company account.


We come together at GELD2018 to optimize our technology from the customer's point of view. At the same time, however, also three days to maintain our personal, professional networks in order to find optimal solutions from concept and condition. The launch of individual modern, fresh city stores also begins.


With a video circuit to the worldrun expedition of Robby Clemens under support of GELDPILOT24 we start now also the intensive tests of our technology during the expedition. Robby will not be able to visit a store in America at the moment.


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