GELDPILOT24 ahead of next stage

Startup benefits from change in the industry


The idea for GELDPILOT24 was born in California's Silicon Valley, the further developments take place in Leipzig but also now a week at a conference in Italy.  We managed to put together a very cool team of bankers, finance+insurance experts, IT geniuses, fund managers, IT designers, graphic designers and many other important startup makers.


In the last few weeks, many things happened at the Leipzig-based startup:


  • GELDPILOT24 now brought a renowned business angel on board for the first time
  • We were allowed to visit and also pitch at the renowned Leipzig SPINLAB
  • Due to the high demand from the banking and insurance industry, we are starting our own  education program.
  • We go live with several new technologies in the GELDPILOT24 customer portal
  • Customers now receive clear instructions for action on the situation online with the TODO tool, but are also responsible themselves if they do not  follow it
  • With BILLguard24 and LIFEguard24, customers and the store partner supporting them have created a revolutionary tool for insurance cases and of course emergencies
  • Still in October we start for all GELDPILOT24-eStores with PILOTnet 2.0 an own CMS, which makes possible for the respective partner*in in real time  its respective eStores after own ideas and target groups to optimize.
  • GELDPILOT24 is also part of the social sharing economy and acts as a sponsor, similar to AMAZON-Smile, of more and more associations.
  • GELDPILOT24 could win the EC Bad Nauheim of the 2.DEL last and is now starts with other 5 eSport clubs nationwide


In addition, the planning for a new GELDPILOT24 stage is already in the implementation. We would like to thank our business angel (who we will introduce later), FutureSax who always helped us, the base camp of the Madsack Group, MUT, Leipzig-Halle Airport, Gecko2, Mergin Minds, our GELDPILOT24 ambassadors like worldrunner Robby Clemens and national player Josco Wilke. Thanks to all the clubs, projects, youtubers, influencers who support us. And last but not least, very important, to our mega-team of IT geniuses, store managers, experts, graphic designers and all friends and supporters not mentioned here.


GELDPILOT24 offers a digital platform that allows customers to manage all their financial+insurance contracts online - worldwide and around the clock. Folders and mountains of paper become superfluous. Integrated digital tools such as BILLguard24, LIFEguard 24 Messenger or Contract Traffic Light serve as support. Through our digital GELDPILOT24 contract traffic light, you can always see at a glance whether there is a need for action with your own contracts!


Since our customers are maximally relieved by our technologies and thus also GELDPILOT24, we share our success as a sponsor of associations and projects which inspire us and which we inspire. With our eStores we give clubs, projects, companies and influencers a revolutionary online interface to transform their enthusiasm into measurable results.

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