Geldpilot24 also starts in Görlitz

Andrea Damaschun in the largest city of Upper Lusatia


One of the most famous German cities in Hollywood is Görlitz. Not only was the football star Michael Ballack born in this magnificent city, it is also known as the Hollywood City in Europe. Goerlitz is internationally known for Hollywood filming with Quentin Tarantino, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Murray and many other world stars.

We are delighted to be able to launch the GELDPILOT24-Store-Görlitz in and for the region. It will be managed by the successful, young and dynamic Finanz+Versicherungsmaklerin Andrea Damaschun, who herself comes from the region. As CDO (Chief District Officer) Andrea is responsible for the expansion in Görlitz and the surrounding area.
She has several years of expertise in the financial+insurance industry. Before starting in the financial+insurance world she was professionally active with a lot of heart in the field of emergency medicine. After several years as a successful investment consultant for a financial+insurance sales company, she applied for a job at GELDPILOT24 in spring 2020.
The main arguments for Andrea's career change were the digital + personal GELDPILOT24 network of experts, the large number of companies and that she could start immediately with future-proof technologies. Thus, as a financial + insurance broker, she and her customers in the region have the same technologies at their disposal as are known from e.g. CLARK or WEFOX. Customers can digitalize their financial+insurance contracts in minutes, no matter where they are and at what time of day.
Also the personal #Face2Face support e.g. via video or in the store plays an important role for your customers. They have the possibility to manage their contracts and documents 24 hours a day, no matter from which company. This also includes that customers can adjust their data such as addresses or bank details themselves in the account. There is the possibility of communication via the GELDPILOT24 messenger, digital damage reports, optimisation of contracts, digital living wills or invoice documents of insured items in the account. Customers also find it convenient to answer e.g. their preliminary queries for insurance contracts in peace and quiet at home on their PC or smartphone, wherever they are.
The possibility of automatically supporting regional clubs and projects through their work inspires Andrea. Reducing high advertising costs for stars and instead supporting local clubs and projects as a sponsor seemed to her to be in keeping with the times.


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