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GELDPILOT24 also uses Morgen & Morgen

Managing Director Peter Schneider in conversation with GELDPILOT24


There are only a few independent companies left like Morgen & Morgen in the insurance sector. Morgen & Morgen is 100% owned by the management. At the same time morning & morning is no offerer or mediator of financial+insurance products. Managing director Peter Schneider answered our questions to topics which are exciting for our GELDPILOT24-Store-Partners and customers at present. In the last total rating of morning & morning large insurances were represented with Ratings of one to 5 stars. Companies with two or fewer stars can hardly be placed with us without detailed demand. What are the criteria for ratings?


GELDPILOT24 works more closely with Morgen & Morgen. The Software & Ratinghaus has improved its technical online infrastructure for CRM so that much more is now possible. Among other things, it is now possible to use the independent comparisons on all types of devices online and to provide customers and store partners with the best possible figures and evaluations for current and future customers. Through the implementation of Versdiagnose, GELDPILOT24-Store-Partner is able to obtain a binding immediate vote for over a dozen insurance companies in the event of occupational disability or term life insurance.

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