GELDPILOT24 helps school classes

Virtual classrooms including technical support


Apart from the fact that we are 100% committed to our customers and partners, we have been helping our company since GELDPILOT24 was founded. We mostly support social projects in sports or for children, youth and families.

What can we currently do to help? We didn't have to search long for the solution. We received initial enquiries about the GELDPILOT24 video system including training for school classes.

The decision was made quickly. Our participating Storpartner and GELDPILOT24 are now starting a programme to provide virtual classrooms for school classes.

These allow the pupils easy access to virtual lessons every day, including breaks in which they can meet virtually. This includes a class board, picture and sound transmission for each participant. We train teachers, parents and students in the use of the technologies in a course and even accompany the first days of school until everything runs smoothly.

All costs, both for licenses and our support, are borne by GELDPILOT24 or the respective participating store partner. Parents, teachers and students incur no costs until normal lessons can be resumed. We do not store any records or contact data and contact at most parent representatives, teachers or the school.

In addition, we prepare special partners, artists or customers to give virtual school classes an imaginary excursion. Here, for example, top-class musicians, extreme sportsmen on the subject of self-motivation or scientists with interesting experiments get involved.

The first school classes are already starting. If you are interested, simply contact us at

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