GELDPILOT24 in America, Asia and the South Pole?

Toughest test phases begin with partners and customers


Our founders are conducting international talks, among others with a leading bank from Asia, in the USA in Silicon Valley. In Europe, talks on stores in Austria are on schedule. In a few weeks, some of our founders will travel to Shanghai for talks. It couldn't be more exciting, because our idea is characterized by simplicity for customers, but can be implemented worldwide.


During the last weeks we had talks with the extreme sportsman Robby Clemens, among others to test our platform and its practical usability on the way during his tour "From North Pole to South Pole" on foot. With Robby Clemens, we are thrilled that he is by no means the typical "model keeper" used in sales, but that the focus of his tours is more on "joie de vivre" and humanity. In the next days you will learn how Robby Clemens, the "German Forrest Gump" and GELDPILOT24 as well as his project from the North Pole to the South Pole will continue.

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