GELDPILOT24 in MDR contribution about BASISLAGER Leipzig

The Saxony Valley is flourishing and GELDPILOT24 is in the middle of it!


TV teams, investors, business angels are always on the move with us in BASISLAGER. A few days ago, MDR (part of the ARD television channel, First German Television), the chances of co-workings and startups were very good. The realisation of entrepreneurial ideas by start-ups is currently a worldwide wave. As it were, we are in the midst of a new period of promoterism. The MDR's film team is almost as perfect as in the contribution.


GELDPILOT24 has deliberately chosen the Saxony Valley. In the middle of Leipzig, the Madsack media group, among others the owner of the Leipziger Volkszeitung, launched the startup lab or co-working space BASISLAGER. There and at several other points in Leipzig, the successful start-up scene is growing progressively.


Part of our GELDPILOT24 IT and development team uses the base camp and our head store at Leipzig-Halle Airport. This is complemented by an hour or so in the home office. Our logo was developed in London, parts of the founding process in the USA, UX design from the Ore Mountains and a lot of IT development from the Saxony Valley. Nationwide distributed in several federal states our store partners and soon also in Austria. That we occasionally showed up with LOGO in the TV-post? Thank you very much.

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