GELDPILOT24 in the Saxony Valley

Base camp space of the MADSACK media group and GELDPILOT24


As HQ for our launch phase we have chosen the "base camp" space of the MADSACK media group directly in the city centre of Leipzig. As GELDPILOT24-HQ and the super-store at Leipzig Airport, a very creative place full of founders and start-ups. In May 2018, we will be hosting our MONEY 2018 here for the second time.Leipzig is becoming one of the most important locations for the German start-up scene. We are able to work with programmers, experts, co-founders and the network of Leipzig's start-up scene to drive developments forward. We don't intend to do anything small, but rather believe that there is a huge global demand for a MONEY PILOT24 platform that enables customers to access their entire financial and insurance situation via a single, all-in-one solution instead of many online accesses and a multitude of apps.


Our existing clients, who are strongly involved professionally or privately, want such a platform. The integration into the startup scene helps us a lot with the launch of the platform. At present, the world of work is changing so rapidly that the loss of 50% or more of all current jobs due to digitalisation is expected in the long term.  This trend is already clearly visible in the financial and insurance industry and it will also affect brokers of all kinds if they do not adapt and modernize.  We don't have that impression in the start-up scene. Here and also at GELDPILOT24 there is a huge demand for experts. Either you change something or you change it. Waiting is the wrong strategy.


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