GELDPILOT24 meets Julian Teicke from ONE

Julian Teicke founds digital insurance company with ONE


We were on the road in Silicon Valley, California, Arizona and Europe. Our goal is to build the ultimate platform including stores that do what the customer really needs. At the DKM in Düsseldorf we visited pitches and discussions with FRIDAY, flypper, ONE, WEFOX and big insurance companies. We heard everything from "the customer as a gold mine" to the actual "benefit".   

One thing is certain, anyone who now believes as an employee, entrepreneur in the financial+insurance sector that you just don't have to pay attention to these start-ups ignores reality. The industry is facing its biggest upheaval ever. Many jobs, including intermediaries, will no longer exist in the future. First and foremost it will affect exclusive distributors. To have a variety of possibilities for the customer to achieve the best possible result is a matter of course. Those who only represent an insurance company do not necessarily keep up with the times. 

Currently several digital insurance companies are being founded, especially in the non-life sector but also in the private health insurance sector, e.g. with OTTONOVA. With one of these founders, Julian Teicke from ONE, we met to find out if this property insurance can be something for our GELDPILOT24 customers: Why, as before, maintain several insurance agents, digital insurers, apps, accesses of various kinds, if there can be a full hybrid care?

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