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Benefits increase with new ToDo tool


A lot of money and time is invested by the GELDPILOT24 founders to constantly improve the benefit for customers and eStore partners. They are in competition with startups like Clark, Wefox but also Verivox and Check24. To win such a competition, you have to be different and create a lot of value for customers and partners.


There are apps, platforms, and startups that serve the insurance sector, others the credit sector, still others investment funds. Then there are new platforms and startups launching themselves as insurance or insurance agents virtually every day. In summary, there are more and more offers and the market is becoming increasingly confusing.


GELDPILOT24 has managed to bring together a number of top experts from the financial and insurance sector who, as a network with hundreds of years of accumulated professional experience, bring the greatest possible benefit to customers. For example, our customers can store their most important documents in the account free of charge for the rest of their lives and also have access for third parties in the event of an emergency. Of course, you can have all your contracts, including all digital daily mail, of all companies supported by us free of charge. Invoices, receipts, proof of all insured risks are also conveniently available in your personal GELDPILOT24 account. All investment depots, their statuses up to date. All customer data, telephone numbers, bank details can be conveniently changed from your smartphone. Damage reports online from the account, no matter where the customer is. Via secure GELDPILOT24 messenger, customers can easily communicate with their supervising experts. From our point of view it is paradise for the customer. Do you need more than your GELDPILOT24 account?
Each of our experts has a large number of customers to support. And often customers forget to close the gaps we mentioned. For this purpose we are launching a new eTool, free of charge in the respective GELDPILOT24 customer account. Our so-called "ToDo" Tool and/or for the German-speaking countries "to do". Already on the starting side of its account the number of the open "ToDos" is indicated to the customer in color.  If the customer opens this tool, all to-dos are displayed in detail in traffic light colors, sorted by urgency, including solutions or links to the solution or explanation.


Advantage for the customer and the finance+insurance expert: Never again important things get lost. At the same time, all open todos are archived and documented for the protection of the customer and the expert. There is no need for long and sprawling consulting sessions. The customer knows at any place in the world, 24/7 what has to be done and can start the respective solutions with just one click. Our GELDPILOT24 expert does not need to prepare huge documentations.

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