GELDPILOT24 on startup tour in Shanghai

China leads InsureStartups


Yesterday evening Lufthansa also brought another team member of GELDPILOT24 to Shanghai in an A380. In the coming weeks we want to immerse ourselves in the start-up ecosystems of Shanghai in particular. There are huge CoWorkingspaces. The Chinese pace of developing new ideas is enormous. 


The Chinese Internet giant Alibaba and its founder Jack Ma are the example of successful online business. An unbelievable number of success stories can be found in China's start-up history. We want to see this, have discussions and present our ideas. Hardly anyone knows Zhong An. GELDPILOT24 does. Zhang An is a very, very successful online insurer from Shanghai, which has won 450 million customers since it was founded in 2013. Zhong An goes the IPO route and raised over 12 billion euros in the IPO in 2017. Thus also optimally prepared for further expansion.

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