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GELDPILOT24 launches with new tools

New revolutionary total solution for customers


In the past, you went to the nearest representative of banks, insurance companies or building societies.This has changed mega fast in the last few years. Banks are closing more and more branches, tens of thousands of jobs are being cut. The number of representatives of individual insurance companies is getting smaller and smaller.


What is the reason for this? First of all, more and more customers in Germany are going online and using comparison platforms to find their way around. Representatives of individual companies in the insurance or fund sector have a very, very difficult time. If a representative of an expensive company adds tens of thousands of euros to the cost of insuring occupational disability or retirement benefits over the years, this is understandable.


At the latest now in the Corona pandemic, customers have discovered, from our point of view, the perfect solution. A platform like GELDPILOT24 with a personal account by which one 24/7, world-wide access to its existing, daily updated contracts of its insurance (all the same which society) investments (open funds) and financings has.


GELDPILOT24 differs from other start-ups such as Clark or Wefox in that it offers a total solution for banking matters such as funds, financing, but also insurance and even building society. From our point of view, this is the only way to offer complete solutions.


For MONEY 2021, we are now launching three new eTools free of charge. With BILLGUARD24, the customer will never again lose important invoices or proof of insurance claims and will have them immediately available in the event of a claim. In the new tool LIFEGUARD24 all important emergency documents for the customer are stored. Whether digital vaccination card, living will and emergency powers of attorney, customers can deposit or have deposited there important documents unlimited.  In an emergency, for example if the customer is unable to act, we communicate with the authorized representative named by the customer. In such situations, we provide access to this person in order to remain capable of acting on behalf of our customer.


Finally, the highlight is the brand new eTool, which is a revolution for customers and our GELDPILOT24 store partners throughout Germany. The new ToDo-Tool. There the customer*in in traffic light colors action references are listed digitally, which the customer can convert with one click immediately. The customer often forgets to fill in crucial gaps. From now on, he can always start the missing action on a daily basis and 24/7 worldwide. At the same time, this supports the respective GELDPILOT24 intermediary in documenting missing implementations of recommended actions on the part of his customers.


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