GELDPILOT24 starts new tools

Europeweek 2020 with live launches


Our idea for the new foundation of a GELDPILOT24 customer+partner platform started after a stay with startups in Silicon Valley. We believe in team building and innovations that arise during Exchange Weeks. While the US start-ups mostly go to Californian beaches, we chose a Thinkplace just off Capri and Amalfi. A good choice, because the region is hardly affected by COVID-19.


Our PILOTweek 2020 brought among other things the long awaited Tech-Launch in the GELDPILOT24 customer portal. Until now, our partners had to activate every single document for customers, which quickly becomes time-consuming when the customer base is larger. Also, without manual notification, customers did not receive information about new documents.


We can now close this chapter successfully. Together with the IT team, we have now completed the full automation for our partners and their customers. Every customer now receives new documents for his contracts in his GELDPILOT24 account fully automated and via e-mail an information if there is new digital mail, information, offers or urgent need for action.


Together we could also intensify our cooperation with SELECTORcapital of the completely new digital asset management around our CRO-Matthias Lippold. Since April 2020, participating customers have achieved up to 30% growth. For the first time, selected partners around our co-founders Torsten G√ľnther, Marcus Jungnickel and the CDO Hessen-NRW Felix Schnella have started a digitally based PILOT project for the launch and professional training of new young direct entrants.

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