GELDPILOT24 starts in Hanover, Hildesheim, Hameln

Top professional Yannic Beyer starts in Lower Saxony


Now it's official. GELDPILOT24 wins Yannic Beyer, a top professional in the insurance industry. Yannic went straight into a degree program for business information technology after graduating from high school and from there, with the corresponding professional degree, switched to the insurance sector. Before starting at GELDPILOT24, Yannic already managed his own customer region for ARAG.


Through social media, internet and his own research, Yannic became aware of GELDPILOT24 and our co-founder Marcus Jungnickel. After learning about the digital GELDPILOT24 benefits for customers and for him, everything happened very quickly.


Yannic is the first strategic Chief District Officer (CDO) in Lower Saxony. Despite his youth, he will be responsible for the entire region of Hanover, Hildesheim, Hameln. Together with Yannic, we are starting several teams to provide high-quality support for new customers.


We asked Yannic:
"What was the reason to leave the exclusivity to start with GELDPILOT24 as a finance + insurance broker in Lower Saxony through?"


Yannic Beyer: "The main reason for me is that all communication channels and their advantages are combined. No matter whether a customer is on the road (e.g. on vacation) or on site (e.g. in the GeldPilot24 store) to discuss his contracts with me, everything is possible at any time. For me, the sensible combination of the tried and tested and new digital possibilities is the future of the world of finance and insurance. People are finally back in the spotlight and don't have to fight their way through mountains of paper or queues. We are just a call or a click away on the smartphone. With so many companies, I can better optimize the customer's situation, no matter what the customer's situation is. I feel this is great for the customer. Much better than always being allowed to offer only the one "optimal" company as a solution."

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