GELDPILOT24 starts with WEFOX KFZ change action

Why the switch is particularly profitable for customers


Every year in autumn it starts again. Customers look around to see if there might be even better motor vehicle insurance than before. GELDPILOT24 has negotiated a mega package with WEFOX-KFZ-Versicherung for this purpose. The most important thing: Contact partner for the support remains without reservation GELDPILOT24 with its respective Storepartner.

What are these mega-GELDPILOT24 benefits for the change of car insurance?


  • At least 5% cheaper than your current contract
  • At least the benefits of your current car contract
  • no mileage limits or additional registrations
  • no limitation of drivers (everyone with FS can drive)
  • age of the policyholder does not matter
  • accompanied driving from 17 insured
  • where you park, does not matter
  • no limitation, surcharges for previous damage
  • also possible as sustainable Switch-Green tariff
  • assumption of special classifications
  • no workshop commitment
  • 3 years price+performance guarantee


We find, that is a turbo package what there GELDPILOT24 with WEFOX raises. Also GELDPILOT24 has already longer experience with WEFOX and that also with cases of damage to the satisfaction of our customers.


Enjoy the advantages of the switching tariff. Munich RE, as a reinsurer, also guarantees the payment of large claims. We have been able to negotiate the above mentioned "extra" coverage extensions for GELDPILOT24 compared to the normal switch at WEFOX.


How to get started now? Write us briefly by clicking on the button or to Contact. Enter the promo code: kfzswitch21 and secure the conditions.

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