GELDPILOT24-Store Leipzig-Markkleeberg

Marcus Jungnickel, Co-Founder and Beta-Head of GELDPILOT24


Markkleeberg lies in the southern part of the up-and-coming metropolitan region of Leipzig, with a breathtaking lake landscape, nature and golf courses. Our co-founder Marcus Jungnickel has opened his first GELDPILOT24 store in the middle of this region, directly in a large shopping centre. And with extraordinary success. Strong demand from new customers digitally and locally is everyday life there. Together with his team, especially the long-time professional Andreas Gutsche, Marcus also accompanies the development of our GELDPILOT24 - eBoarding. The fully digitalized support of regional children+youth sports, of regional social projects hits the nerve of many clubs and customers of the region.


What distinguishes the commercial and private customers of the Store Leipzig-Markkleeberg is a maximum of satisfaction. Almost all customers are full customers and carry all Finanz+Versicherungs contracts through the store. The daily updated, digital access to all their contracts, no matter which company, is everyday life for these customers. Marcus is currently supporting a project for the nationwide opening of stores and the training of new partners.

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