GELDPILOT24-Trade Insurance Simplify-Making

SIMPLIFY-your-finances for companies


An important part of our customers are companies of all sizes. Very often startups, shops, craftsmen, service providers and corporations. Our store partners will be able to advise these customers even better quickly, easily and professionally. In addition to a personal team, the company also has the advantage of being able to view all contracts and contract mail in the GELDPILOT24 account for companies on a fully digital, daily basis.


The project Gewerbeversicherungen-EINFACH- machen integrates this platform for our partners. The partner can offer fast, perfect solutions from individual start-ups to large companies. Also advertisements with most diverse insurance companies belong to it. Here it concerns the enterprises around TOP achievements in the security, in addition, price differences at the market for the enterprise for the security. As a result, the number of our corporate customers is growing considerably.

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