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GELDPILOT24 meets Allianz-Leben board member Dr. Wiesemann

Why the ALLIANZ is so often number one


We did it again. Our CSO Torsten G√ľnther met with the member of the Management Board Dr. Thomas Wiesemann from ALLIANZ-Lebensversicherung. In order to obtain the best possible information for our GELDPILOT24 partners and customers, we often meet with key managers of the companies. 

In our experience, ALLIANZ-Lebensversicherung is one of the future insurers, both in terms of its figures and ratings and its efforts to make digital progress.  It is one of the companies with which we cooperate in a future-oriented and modern digital way for the benefit of the customers we represent.

Why does ALLIANZ-Lebensversicherung AG remain the champion, according to the German life insurance expert Professor Dr. Weinmann, ahead of ZURICH and the Nuremberg-based company?  What shares and importance do insurance brokers now have in ALLIANZ-Lebensversicherung AG's new business? How digital is ALLIANZ now? Where is ALLIANZ digital heading?  Why is ALLIANZ-Lebensversicherung growing so strongly, especially among insurance brokers?

A worthwhile interview with a cool and modern member of the board of what is probably the most important life insurance company in Germany.

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