GELDPILOT24 meets futureSAX

Participation in the Saxon Innovation Award


By winning the first place at MUT 2018 in November many doors have opened for us. Many congratulators, publicity and new store partners, technology inquiries from all over Germany. One of the first networkers who approached us at the MUT was Steffen Beer from futureSax, the innovation platform of the Free State of Saxony. futureSAX is a company of the Free State and initiated by the Ministry of Economics.
Mostly GELDPILOT24 is on the road in Berlin, Munich, Leipzig and internationally. Torsten and Marcus from Speakerboard now accepted the invitation to Dresden which was agreed at MUT 2018. The day invested by us was worth it. Besides Steffen Beer we also met Alexander Seedorf project manager at futureSAX. Information about the futureSAX startup partner network was exchanged during the meeting.
There are exciting networks for our project in the USA and Austria. GELDPILOT24 also informed us about the variety of their activities like the futureSAX investor roadshow. For us it is certain that we will participate with GELDPILOT24 in the Innovation Award. Already today thousands of new customers use the eStores, eBoarding and eCheck in the beta phase. We believe that the best thing for a customer, no matter in which country of the world, is to have a single, independent, all-inclusive digital solution for his entire finances. But it has to be combined with a non-changing contact person in the regional, cool, new stores.  Chamfered together: GELDPILOT24

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