Coronavirus column: pasta exchange 2020

Investment star Mathias Lippold in his column for GELDPILOT24


Hamster purchases in pasta and toilet paper, empty shelves, the canned bread celebrates a comeback. Empty streets, no playgrounds. Germany at the beginning of 2020.

Suddenly and unexpectedly a small virus called Corona has moved into the centre of all events. It is quite realistic that the fear of spreading alone will cause more damage than the virus itself. In any case, it is important to minimise illness and infection through appropriate personal behaviour, and those affected must be given the best possible help. The global economy will suffer for some time from the consequences of the virus disease. In my opinion, even in this crisis there will be no collapse and return to stone-age conditions. The end of the world will once again not take place.

In the foreseeable future, the economy will regain a foothold; production, supply and demand will increase again. Gradually, normality will return.

Against this perspective background, every investor should consider whether to take advantage of the current price declines of sometimes more than 40% and, within the framework of a personal investment strategy, to invest in tangible assets in the form of equity funds or to switch from defensive investments (e.g. money stocks). In my opinion, Fidelity Germany is interesting for the German sector, Fidelity Global Dividend and Pictet Global Megatrend for the international sector. With the latter, the investor also invests explicitly in the healthcare sector.

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