Conference GELD-2021 starts in Leipzig

GELDPILOT24 network meets from 15.-17.6.2021


One secret of particularly successful start-ups is the involvement of individual teams in the growth strategy. GELDPILOT24 stands for digital and personal support. Now it's that time again.  After more than a year of exclusively digital exchanges, due to Covid-19, this year's MONEY 2021 will take place as a face-to-face conference.


For three days, experts from banks, insurance companies, IT experts, Youtubers, influencers and of course the GELDPILOT24 partners* from all over Germany will meet in the startup city of Leipzig. The goal is to exchange information, with Germany's leading banks and insurance companies, so that GELDPILOT24 brings maximum benefit to its customers. With hundreds of banks and insurance companies, it is not only the GELDPILOT24 Allfinanz concept that counts, but also good conditions for our customers. Not rarely cost differences between the societies, for one and the same person, amount to several hundred per cent.


GELDPILOT24 would not be GELDPILOT24, if we had not reserved a specialized day only for it, in order to start new revolutionary eTools and present to the present specialized experts. Several panel discussions on the topics of insurance, financing and open-ended investment funds will round out the conference. On the topic of "Authentic Communication", WORLD-RUNNER Robby Clemens will also be a guest. Successful even in difficult situations, we look forward to national player Josco Wolke. The YouTuber Stöpselkopf will report as a GELDPILOT24-Influencer about his use of our platform as a customer, YouTuber and Influenzier.


Although Leipzig has very low incidence values our workshops will all take place with hygiene concept in the open air arena, including testing of the participants. In any case, we are looking forward to a successful conference Money 2021.


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