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Live interview for Leipzig eSports

Exciting news about sponsoring eSports


Leipzig eSports is one of the largest eSports clubs in Germany. Not only we find eSport megacool, but also our many young customers. Leipzig eSports sees itself as a promoter of popular sports and we support this within the scope of a sponsoring between GELDPILOT24 and Leipzig eSports.

The club now hosted the 8th Community Cup, to which players also travelled from far away. Our CSO Torsten was invited by eSports for a live interview in the stream. How does GELDPILOT24 work? What are the advantages for the customer? What does a club gain if it cooperates with GELDPILOT24? Questions over questions. We have summarized the live interview from the livestream at Twitch in short form.

If you or your club are interested in sponsoring, just contact us. Suggest the project or association you would like us to support. From our point of view it should always be about something cool social like children+youth sports or a music project. GELDPILOT24 wants to give a part of its success back to society. We have decided to do this in the form of sponsoring. If you are interested in sponsoring click here.

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