More customers for GELDPILOT24


In the past, customers went to the nearest bank, insurance company or building society or were visited by their representatives. Even in 2021, the mass of representatives are contractually bound to individual banks, building societies or insurance companies. Unbelievable in the age of comparison portals. However, many tens of thousands of agents have deregistered in recent years and become finance+insurance brokers. Due to the severe downsizing in banks, many bankers are now also becoming finance+insurance brokers.


Anyone interested can now compare contracts on their cell phone. This in turn makes the future existence of brokers bound to only one company very difficult. It concerns not only the comparison of prices, but, at least also so importantly, the comparison of necessary achievements. GELDPILOT24 has specialized in total concepts. From prominent sportsmen, coaches, entrepreneurs, architects, physicians, artists, Startups, independent ones, private customers and large companies is professionally everything with our customer/inside represented.


In 2021 we focus on the new possibilities of GELDPILOT24. So you can become a customer of GELDPILOT24 free of charge within a few minutes. We check the existing contracts for the customer free of charge at the start and point out existing gaps in the overall concept. In addition we use a digital traffic light system, which points to the customer in its account in traffic light colors to gaps. It is not uncommon for GELDPILOT24 customers to be able to save considerable costs and optimize services as a result.


The most important options in the GELDPILOT24 customer portal are:

  •     daily updated online overview of all existing contracts of all companies
  •     insurance, fund deposits, financing in a single account
  •     no rigid binding to an app, works on all devices, all operating systems, all browsers
  •     current mail about the contracts is posted online daily
  •     secure GELDPILOT24 messenger within the account
  •     damage reports, changes, optimizations online in the account
  •     Values of your fund deposits updated daily
  •     traffic light system for existing and missing contracts
  •     Emergency folder online in the account with all dispositions in case of emergency
  •     Invoice folder online in the account for proof in the event of a claim
  •     personal, non-changing contact person for dual, nationwide support
  •     social commitment: we support your club, athlete or project

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