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New York, San Diego, Palo Alto, Leipzig - GELDPILOT24

Bernhard Kelz, HNB at GELDPILOT24 about our strategy


We value Bernhard Kelz, our Head of new Business, as an absolute professional for modern marketing strategies.  Since May he has accompanied our launch and the platform.  During his time with a major financial institution in the USA, we already had a lot of contact. Final talks for a commitment with Bernhard Kelz were then held during a financial trade fair in San Diego. In May 2017 GELDPILOT24 participated for the first time in a pitch under the direction of Bernhard.  


Every day, an insurance and/or financial start-up is created somewhere in the world. Seldom, however, are there simple overall concept solutions. This of course includes a fully digital customer account, available 24 hours a day worldwide on our GELDPILOT24 platform. Beside the digital also the "We are everywhere" concept with our nationwide stores. Video and online as normal standard. No limitation only to individual insurance companies, fund companies, credit banks, but overall concepts whether commercial or private.

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