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Robby Clemens explains the world

How good can GELDPILOT24 insurance?


With the worldwide known WORLDRUNNER Robby Clemens we have started a new project. Robby explains in small fresh video clips how he sees the world of finance+insurance things.

As part of a cool, big TV project, Robby was now back in Mexico. Robby Clemens is also an enthusiastic GELDPILOT24 user and needed insurance cover for the good feeling on his travels almost a few hours before departure.

If you have a personal, fully digital GELDPILOT24 then this is no problem. Info in your GELDPILOT24 messenger and a few moments later Robby had his desired insurance cover without entering any data or comparison calculator, previously checked by our store partner.

Why, from his point of view, you absolutely need good insurance even on your travels, where he got it and also a little bit about the Mexican jungle Robby explains to you in the short, ultra - spectacular clip.

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