Robby Clemens and GELDPILOT24 extend partnership

GELDPILOT24 accompanies Worldrunner also in the future


Worldrunner Robby Clemens and GELDPILOT24 extend their partnership. This was already agreed a few weeks ago. Now GELDPILOT24 can proudly announce that we will continue our partnership with Robby. We are looking forward to the next adventures and social projects. We will be publishing his now famous North Pole South Pole Cap in larger numbers and donating the surplus to social projects.

In the USA he is known as the "German Forrest Gump", in Latin America Robby is a legend. Robby Clemens became aware of us online on GELDPILOT24 during his "North Pole South Pole-to-Foot Tour". Via video and messenger Robby and GELDPILOT24 quickly noticed that they fit together. Our store partners, interested parties and customers all over Germany and worldwide follow Robby's expeditions and appearances in the media with great interest.

We look forward to another exciting partnership with Robby. We have just been able to organize insurance cover for Robby, who is also an enthusiastic customer of our super platform, for a project tour to southern Mexico. Robby will explain to us this week via video why insurance cover is very important there in the Mexican rainforest. Robby is also an honorary citizen of Houston and recently walked through the whole USA and is therefore the ideal ambassador for our project GELDPILOT24-USA. Robby has successfully tested our super platform as a customer all over the world, sometimes under the most extreme conditions. Robby wrote our favourite hash day #FunctioningSimplyEverywhere  

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