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The highest committee at GELDPILOT24 is composed of partners appointed by our store partners. These, in turn, represent the ideas and interests of their fellow storers on the speaker committee. Co-determination is something that some circles underestimate. Not on our end. Many ideas have emerged from our teams and stores, e.g. to develop personalized eBoarding tools for each store partner.


The GELDPILOT24 speakers met for two days in Leipzig. The MONEY2018 in Leipzig in May was finally discussed. Which companies, IT service providers should come. Which supporting program, which hotels and details to the locations. As in 2017, the main day will also take place in the middle of the startup center of Leipzig in the BASISLAGER. On the third day, a special day for investment strategies will be held at Leipzig-Halle Airport under the direction of our Research Director Investment Matthias Lippold. On the same day 12 selected GELDPILOT24 store partners receive their eBoardingtools exclusively and start thereby for customers and partners into a singular, ultramodern future technology.


At the same time, young, new applicants for the stores were introduced to the speakers. This committee also decides on cooperation with new partners. This ensures that the right type of partner is brought into the team, even with multiple eyes. The use of finding added value for customers, being able to motivate oneself, professional and digital willingness to develop is sometimes a minimum requirement. We are currently also pleased about very young applicants also from the start-up scene, who want to realize the opportunities of GELDPILOT24 for their customers as a business model. For the newcomers, lateral entrants, we set up an educational program to accompany these future partners to the approvals of §34-d-1, §34-f-1, §34-i and §34c. Starting in autumn 2018, we will support suitable young applicants with a dual bachelor's degree.


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