Startup from Leipzig succeeds in world premiere

FinsureTech platform GELDPILOT24 successful


GELDPILOT24 offers customers the opportunity to manage and optimize all financial and insurance contracts online. The digital fintech goes one step further than its competitors. That's because in addition to comprehensive digital solutions, GELDPILOT24's offering also includes access to a personal financial expert. In discussions with investors, the question often arose as to whether GELDPILOT24 is more of an online platform business for end customers, a digital platform for brokers or insurance distributors, or a white label partner for banks. The answer to this question is easy and has now been implemented online since October 2021.


GELDPILOT24 offers brokers and sales organization a digital platform that is optimized for the end customer. The partners can thus provide professional digital and personal support to their end customers, regardless of whether they are private or corporate customers.


"Our platform combines the strengths we see in existing platforms such as Wefox or Clark, but also Amazon. At the core of our approach was the question of how we can achieve the best quality for end customers and our partners, i.e. brokers and sales organizations.  The goal of GELDPILOT24 is to develop a highly profitable business model with strong growth. In the long term, the company should also be represented on the capital market through a successful IPO," says co-founder Torsten G√ľnther about the GELDPILOT24 business model.


Like WEFOX at present GELDPILOT24 sets also on platform business connected by co-operation with financial mediators. Like CLARK, the Leipzig-based company offers end customers simple and fast access to digitalize their insurance situation. Amazon with its idea "SMILE" was the model for smile.GELDPILOT24's cooperation with associations, projects and influencers. It is important to the founders to give a part of the success back to society and at the same time to operate modern networks with the associations.


The new requirements of modern customers is to be able to make a maximum online, but still have a personal contact in case of need. The digital onbording technology, digital eChecks, and other various digital tools perfectly meet this requirement. The eStores are at the center of the customer approach. They offer the presentation of brokers and distributors, enable communication, appointment setting and show the services of GELDPILOT24.  By 2022, GELDPILOT24 aims to have several hundred eStores operated by partners nationwide.


In order to grow strongly, the company not only needs automation for end customers, but also an approach to optimize the eStore strategy. Until now, the eStores of all partners were centrally individualized and tailored to the partners' target clientele. With the launch of GELDPILOT24 in Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne or now Hamburg, scalability is reaching its limits. This problem is now solved with an innovative solution. With PILOTnet 2.0, the internal dashboard terminal of GELDPILOT24, it is now possible for all partners, i.e. affiliated brokers, insurance agents, distributors or banks to independently administer an individual presence. In this way, they can quickly and easily create their own eStores for themselves, their branches, but also for influencers, companies, distributors or clubs with which they cooperate. The local eSports club that one of the affiliated brokers or banks sponsors, for example, receives its own online presence for the collaboration including an eBoarding tool to successfully round off the sponsorship.


This allows existing and future GELDPILOT24 partners to grow virtually without limits while addressing their target customers individually.


GELDPILOT24 offers a digital platform with which customers can manage all their finance+insurance contracts online - worldwide and around the clock. Folders and mountains of paper become superfluous. This applies not only to insurance contracts, but also to financing and investments such as fund deposits. Integrated digital tools such as BILLguard24, LIFEguard, 24 Messenger or Contract Traffic Light provide support. Through our digital GELDPILOT24 contract traffic light, you can always see at a glance whether there is a need for action with your own contracts!

Since our customers are maximally relieved by our technologies and thus also GELDPILOT24, we share our success as a sponsor of associations and projects, which inspire us and which we inspire. With our eStores, we give clubs, projects, companies and influencers a revolutionary online interface to transform their enthusiasm into measurable results.

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